Please make sure you have signed up on USAV and selected our club team. If you are having any trouble you may contact Veronica Garcia or Rachel Jay.

*Attention Parents! Please do not forget to book your hotels for Albuquerque Tournament March 17th-19th!

Parents for 17s team: Make sure to book your rooms for Lubbock Tournament March 31st-April 2nd!

If you need more information please ask your coaches or Veronica GArcia/Rachel Jay!


Great job on those of you who participated on our Butter Braid Fundraiser.

**A special shout out to BRIANA Hernandez for selling the most!

Kahoot Winner!

Congratulations to Giselle Yoshimoto for winning at the Scoring Clinic!

*A special thank you to Rob for training our girls to be ready for the season!


Giselle Yoshimoto


The interaction of two or more  forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

​*** UPDATE ***

 If interested, please call or email Veronica Garcia and or Rachel Jay.

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