The interaction of two or more  forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

​*** UPDATE ***

 If interested, please call or email Veronica Garcia and or Rachel Jay.


**Mandatory Scoring Clinic on Dec. 7th from

Time: 6pm-8pm.

Place: 3517 Firestone

Cost: $10.00

If you have any questions on location please contact Veronica Garcia or Rachel Jay! 


Great job on those of you who participated on our Butter Braid Fundraiser.

Pick up for Butter Braid Dec. 11

from 9-11:30am.

**A special shout out to BRIANA Hernandez for selling the most!

We will begin our next fundraiser in January!

What's New?

Please come out and enjoy the fun! If you don't or can't come play, feel free to make a donation to Coach Ana! 

Thank you,

El Paso Synergy VBC

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